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We are convinced that the road to an advanced, efficient and competitive industry is that of superior automation, efficient energy management that will reduce energy losses throughout the technological flow.

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One of the company'sobjectives is to help business partners to strengthen their market position by providing them with reliable and energy-efficient equipment.


The company provides informational documents made in order to help those who use the proposed equipment, as well as specialized technical advice.

Project development

The company also provides projects that add value -not just products , because quality occupies an essential place for project development.


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About Us x

BIFA AUTOMATIZATIONS, located in IASI, started its activity during 2005 as a private company active in the electrical engineering industry, providing electrical panels, electrical and automation installations as well as standardized and open SCADA systems for process control. The products produced are capable of meeting the current and future requirements.


Entering its twelfth year of existence, S.C. Bifa Automation S.R.L. aims for a good and successful development in the field of industrial automation in the northeastern part of Romania.

Our mission

Providing professional solutions for consulting, designing and execution of automation and SCADA systems for industry.

Our values x

Specialist technical advice

Well-trained and qualified persons

Flexible and efficient Quality Management System

High-performance and professional energy management

Brief History



Siemens Electric Partnership

In the future, the company wants to expand its capabilities, trying as much as possible to partner with Siemens Electric, after which it results in an official integrative system attestation of the company, similar to that obtained from Schneider Electric.



Rockwell Automation certification

The company obtains the certification of technical knowledge for the use of Rockewell Automation products and their integration into automated applications.



KNX attestation

The company obtains KNX certification.




SC Bifa Automation SRL obtains authorization to redistribute ENDRESS+HAUSER products



SCADA LS Industrial Systems Certification

Bifa Automation obtains LS Programmable Logic Controller and LS SCADA InfoU Software certification.



Phoenix Contact Attestation

Bifa Automations SRL obtains the quality of integrator of Phoenix Contact equipment.



Schneider Electric Australia

The company becomes the official Integrative System of Schneider Electric Romania, this being an important pawn in the further development of the company.



Founding S.C. Bifa Automation S.R.L.

The company reaches its 12th anniversary this year, during which time it managed to build a favorable image in the Romanian industry, becoming a prominent member of the Romanian market in the field of industrial automation.

Task Objectsx

S.C. Bifa Automation S.R.L. has four major activity objects at the moment. The company's wishes are linked to a possible future expansion, with the possible acquisition of new necessary certifications and the conclusion of collaborations with high-level suppliers, which can lead to a continuity of quality and professionalism.

In its more than ten years of activity, S.C. Bifa Automation s.R.L. has maintained its existence by executing and offering to contracting firms industrial automation services through power distribution boards, automation boards with PLC and by carrying out various SCADA-type projects.

Electricity distribution boards

Our company makes paintings of different sizes, from simpler to more complex installations, using quality equipment, with a well-trained and trained staff able to adapt to the requirements.

Paintings for automation

In addition to power distribution boards, S.C. Bifa Automations S.R.L. also makes arrays for automation. They are much more complex, in most cases having a longer running time.

SCADA Systems

The third extremely powerful object of activity made by S.C. Bifa AutomationS S.R.L. is related to the realization of SCADA systems.

Smart Homes – KNX Systems

In order to ensure the transfer of data between all building management components, a system is needed to solve the problem of communication with isolated devices, ensuring that all components communicate in a unique common language: in short, a system such as the KNX Magistral, independent of the manufacturer and the application domain.

Our projectsx

During its more than ten years of activity, the private company, S.C. Bifa Automation S.R.L. managed to carry out quite important projects.

Most of the projects were carried out through the implementation of the SCADA system.

What our customers sayx

Competence, solicity, but especially flexibility in choosing the best automation solutions. These are the things we sought when we chose to work with Bifa Automation. We found these qualities in them and they have been confirmed to us over the course of a collaboration that has been going on for more than six years. Our trust has been rewarded. Narcis Butnaru, Chief Executive Officer Tehnoterm S.R.L.
A young, dynamic and professional team. We have worked very well in the Entrepreneur General - Sub-Contractor relationship for both design and execution automation/SCADA system. We will certainly work together in the future to develop more and more complex projects. Ioan Condurache, Operational Production Director, Enterprise Division, Electroalfa International S.R.L.

Certifications and certificationsx



Adresă:Str. Aurel Vlaicu, Nr. 87, Iași Telefon:+40.723.635.362 Email:office@bifa-automatizari.ro Web:bifa-automatizari.ro ProgramLuni - Vineri 08:00 - 18:00

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